One of the ways that we want to promote change is to hear directly from those individuals that are working towards positive change for the environment and the society in general. 

In our earthfolk section we will set out to tell the stories that most people don’t hear about. We want to focus on the unsung heroes of a movement that work to create real change for the planet.

Through our interview series we hope to inspire all those that are interested in helping their own causes and or are looking for examples of what can be done if they put their mind to it. 

Through earthfolk we hope to be a vehicle for change, we talk with anyone from eco-celebs to community activists working for environmental justice to the worker bee within a particular industry to get their unique perspective.

So please visit our site often as we will be updating this section regularly with interesting and informative articles.

focus on folks that focus on the planet

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Meet Walter Cowham, solar technology enthusiast and renewable energy pioneer. The first in our earthfolk Interview Series.

article by Phil Reavis



Don't it Turn Your Blue Collar Green.pdf
A Man and his Solar-Powered Mission.pdfearthfolk_files/Don%27t%20it%20Turn%20Your%20Blue%20Collar%20Green.pdfearthfolk_files/A%20Man%20and%20his%20Solar-Powered%20Mission.pdfearthfolk_files/Don%27t%20it%20Turn%20Your%20Blue%20Collar%20Green_1.pdfshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1

featured articles

Laura Kiesel is a freelance environmental writer from Boston. She has written for
E Magazine, Earth Island Journal and Z Magazine.
She also has a blog about the environmental, social justice issues and the writing life called “Writing for Survival”

Our latest addition to the earthfolk series. Fern Gookin.

With the use of recycled items, Fern designs artwork that promotes sustainability awareness.

article by Laura Kiesel

When reminiscing about his past, Drew Grande recalls the incident that influenced him to eventually take up work in the field of environmental advocacy. 
article by Laura Kiesel
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